Amalia Project


Research-based training with Marine Biology, Biotechnology, and Food Technology students

The Blue Lab AMALIA . Algae-to-MArket Lab IdeAs is not just an ambitious project to add value to invasive seaweeds through biotechnology and engineering solutions... 
In AMALIA we strive to gather senior scientists and the industry in a "research-based learning" ecosystem together with our students. This enhances knowledge and stimulates our young's creativity into solving real world's problems!

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AMALIA presented to Marine Biology and Biotech students

Teresa Mouga, lecturer, seaweed expert, and researcher in project AMALIA was invited by the students of the degree of Marine Biology and Biotechnology of the Polytechnic of Leiria to talk about invasive seaweeds and the work being developed in this project and how are students being currently involved in invasive seaweeds monitoring along the coast of Peniche.

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AMALIA representing the Blue Labs at the European Maritime Day

The EU project AMALIA represented the Blue Labs – Innovative solutions for maritime challenges projects at the European Maritime Day, in a Blue Growth session during the 18 and 19th of May in Pool, UK. Marco Lemos, the project coordinator delivered the talk “Algae-to-MArket Lab IdeAs” and it’s aiming to turn invasive seaweed, actually a threat in the oceans, into an opportunity.

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AMALIA Highlighted in PARLIEMENT magazine

Turning ocean’s threats into opportunities

The increasing appearance of alien seaweeds has been causing paramount economic and ecological problems. These threats can, however, be seen as unexploited opportunities taking into account their raw industrial uses and the presence of compounds with great potential for food, feed, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. While generating value and contributing for the economy, the extraction of these algae from the ocean may be included in effective and sustainable management practices, contributing to the marine ecosystem equilibrium or even site restoration.

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EMFFs Blue Growth projects kick-off at Brussels

Ten new Blue Growth projects to start and together at Brussels for the general kick-off meeting.

The European Commission has selected six 'blue career' and four 'blue labs' projects for funding under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).  The new 'blue career' projects will work towards enhancing career opportunities in the maritime economy, while the 'blue labs' projects will focus on young researchers helping them to bring research results to the market.

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