Amalia Project


AMALIA organizes the Marine Invaders 2018 conference special session

Included in the International Meeting on Marine Research 2018, the special session “Marine Invaders – Assessment and Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystems” addressing Aquatic Invasive Species, aims to discuss the latest findings concerning technics used to detect this kind of biological pollution, quantify them, but also to address innovative methods used to measure the negative and positive impact of invasive species on the recipient environment (e.g., competition for space, interference on ecosystems food web, new resource item), as well as means to seize invasive species information for a better use of this potential resource and/or mitigation.

You are invited to submit your research (platform and poster presentations) to this special session.

Deadline for abstract submission | April 06, 2018
Notification of acceptance | April 29, 2018
Deadline for early registration | May 30, 2018

High impact and quality works presented in this session will be further encouraged to submit their research to Ecological Indicators Journal “Marine Invaders - assessment and impact on aquatic ecosystems” Special Issue.

Hope to see you at sunny Peniche, Portugal – the Wave Capital, during the 4th of July for Marine Invaders and the 5th and 6th of July for the International Meeting on Marine Research.