Amalia Project


AMALIAs organizes Showcooking at Mercado do Progreso, Vigo

In order to present the general public and sellers with the potential of seaweed as food ingredients, AMALIA organized a Seaweed Show-Cooking at the Mercado do Progreso, Vigo, Spain: “Showcooking- Un menú basado en Codium

A research-based learning ecosystem enabled students from the course of Cuisine and Food Production from the Polytechnic of Leiria, under the supervision of Chef Samuel Sousa, to be included in AMALIA project and develop great recipes and products during the semester that were exhibited and tasted at Vigo's Progreso Market, showing how seaweeds (invasive... why not) can be used as a superb ingredient in daily cuisine...

It was a full house to hear talk about seaweeds, have a seaweed flavored gin, and taste Codium in cookies, enerjalga, goat cheese, lasagna, cheesecake, samosas, croquets, patties, among many others... was an absolute success.

Moreover, the audience also heard our researchers talk about Innovation and seaweed food applications (by Susana Silva) and also about invasive seaweed in Galicia and project AMALIA (by Andreu Blanco).