Amalia Project


AMALIA researcher Hugo Alves awarded his master

Hugo Alves, grant holder at project AMALIA, developed his master thesis based of the underwater monitoring tool being developed by INEGI, QUEST INNOVATION, and IPLeiria. Hugo defended his Master in Mechanical Engineering thesis on the 17th of July at the University of Porto and the title “Design of a modular submersible platform for monitoring marine ecosystem (Benthic Lander)”, under the supervision of Tiago Morais, coordinator of the engineering work package of this blue labs project.

“This dissertation integrates the project AMALIA – ‘Algae-to-Market Lab IdeAs’. AMALIA is an European project that aims to transform a current ocean threat, invasive seaweeds, into an opportunity. Give value to seaweeds of the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and create innovative food products, animal feed with potential to stimulate the immunity system of fish and shrimps in aquaculture, extracts for cosmetic industry and medicines, are some of the objectives of the AMALIA project. To monitor the appearance of these macroalgae, advanced engineering and imaging systems and solution will be deployed into the seafloor to provide real-time information regarding the appearance and quantities of algae. The worked developed on this dissertation presents initial steps of the design of a ocean modular submersible platform adjustable to support sensors that allow to monitor and detect the surge of invasive seaweeds.”