Amalia Project


Research-based training with Marine Biology, Biotechnology, and Food Technology students

The Blue Lab AMALIA . Algae-to-MArket Lab IdeAs is not just an ambitious project to add value to invasive seaweeds through biotechnology and engineering solutions... 
In AMALIA we strive to gather senior scientists and the industry in a "research-based learning" ecosystem together with our students. This enhances knowledge and stimulates our young's creativity into solving real world's problems!

Besides other classes and subjects, here this semester we had our Marine Biology and Biotechnology bachelor students doing invasive seaweed monitoring at the coast of Peniche, under skilled supervision of their teacher and AMALIAs researcher Teresa Mouga... after that they hit the lab for some Codium fine tune identification!

The master in Marine Resources Biotecnology students were also highly involved in the creative step concerning the uses of seaweed bioactivities into innovative products for drugs, cosmeceuticals, feed and food purposes. Their ideas were explored, together with senior researcher Sara Novais, as potential new target for product development under the framework of AMALIA’s partners.

Also, the master on Food Quality and Safety Management had their teacher Susana Silva introduce them to AMALIAs approach into developing new products for a market eager for innovation with seaweed added-value.

The best way to enhance a true blue economy is to actually provide students with the best skills and practices so they can grow professionally being an extra support for the academia and also the industry.