Amalia Project


AMALIA representing the Blue Labs at the European Maritime Day

The EU project AMALIA represented the Blue Labs – Innovative solutions for maritime challenges projects at the European Maritime Day, in a Blue Growth session during the 18 and 19th of May in Pool, UK. Marco Lemos, the project coordinator delivered the talk “Algae-to-MArket Lab IdeAs” and it’s aiming to turn invasive seaweed, actually a threat in the oceans, into an opportunity.

Besides AMALIA, representing EASMEs Blue Labs Projects, in this session celebrating the European Maritime Day, also a Blue Careers and a Blue Technology Project were highlighted. This session’s objective, organized by the European Commission was to demonstrate how original ideas may stimulate innovation and a blue economy, surpassing the limitations pointed in 2014 by the EC in the document “Innovation in the Blue Economy” by focusing in 3 key areas: skills, creativity, and technology.

In this occasion, project AMALIA underlines the way in which the threats of invasive algae can be transformed into new business opportunities, stimulating the economy and employment, in an ecosystem of sharing between research institutions, companies and society, where the involvement of students in a 'practice-based learning' approach promotes skills in these future professionals, bringing them closer to business and a maritime economy based on knowledge.